Fine art paintings and fine art prints (giclee prints) by Jim Salem.

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Jim Salem is a painter of acrylic canvases in the impressionistic and realism styles. His work also include abstracts and constructions. His work can also be seen at the Northridge gallery in R

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Jim Salem states "As an artist with an inherent love for the land, the realm of nature provides a constant source of inspiration. I paint to express the emotions evoked within me in an attempt to record the relationships of man to earth, sky to land, plant to bird. Revealing the innermost me, I hope to share the beauty I see, the serenity I experience, and my own insignificance in a world so vast and understood only by it's creator.
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landscape paintings, Florida landscape paintings, American Landscapes and art prints for sale by Jim Salem. Impressionist plein air paintings of Pennsylvania Florida and all of America.